Signs Of Disordered Eating And Implications For Diet & Health: A Dietitian’s Perspective

Eating Disorders Approximately one million Australians are living with a diagnosed eating disorder (3% anorexia nervosa, 12% bulimia nervosa, 47% binge eating disorder (BED) and 38% other eating disorders). Currently however, what we are commonly seeing in clinic is in fact what we call “disordered eating”. You can read more about types of eating disorders […]

Healthy Chicken & Sweet Potato Sausage Roll Recipe (For the Whole Family!)

Ingredients: 0.5 Tbsp garlic and onion infused olive oil 1x chicken thigh 300g sweet potato (diced), for more fibre keep the skin ON, for baby friendly you may want to remove 2xtbsp split red lentils 1xcup of mixed corn and peas (frozen) 1xcarrot, diced Shake of cumin 2xeggs 2xlight sheets of puff pastry (25% reduced […]

Top 3 Dietary Strategies for Pre- Diabetes/Insulin Resistance Management

Did you know that dietary strategies can help improve your blood sugar control and reverse pre diabetes? It’s never too late to make these improvements without the nudge by your local GP and the support of an Accredited Practising Dietitian Here are our top 3 nutrition strategies to help reduce insulin resistance: Strategy 1: Eat […]

Juicy Lamb & Avocado Koftas with Beetroot Yoghurt Recipe

Have a young baby or toddler but also madly trying to feed yourself healthy dinners? Ash discovered this one recently with her little bub. Ingredients: 500g lamb mince 2/3 large avocado, cut into small pieces One large egg 1 tsp coriander Squeeze of lemon One roasted beetroot 2/3 cup greek yoghurt 2x tsp garlic and […]

Eating to Optimise your Thyroid Health

Did you know that potentially your inability to lose or maintain your weight is due to your thyroid function? Read this article below and know that Accredited Practising Dietitians can you nutritionally manage it if there is a concern!  How is the thyroid involved in metabolism and weight management?   The thyroid is a small […]

Walnut & White Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Ingredients 250 g almond meal 2 teaspoons baking powder 3x medium-large ripe bananas, smashed 3x eggs 0.25 cup of honey  Tbsp chia seeds 80 ml macadamia nut oil or extra virgin olive oil 2 teaspoons vanilla essence/extract 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 nutmeg 40g crushed walnuts Generous handful of white choc chips Method: Pre-heat the […]

Healthy Lockdown Dinner Recipes

Time to get inspired and enjoy some nutritious meals. I was talking to a friend recently and we were discussing that every day can become the same unless you start to shake things up a bit. A new walk, a new coffee shop, a new hobby or how about a new food experiment? Body Fusion’s […]

Get to Know Summit Strength Owner: QnA with Rowan

    After announcing our partnership last blog with SUMMIT STRENGTH We took some time to sit down with the owner Rowan and find out a little bit more about him. What three words best describe you? Relaxed. Adventurous. Honest. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Frenchs Forest, on the Northern Beaches […]

Nutrition Psychology Applications: Changing nutrition habits through thoughts

Are New Years resolutions all about habits? Coming into the new year, everyone love’s a good “new years resolution” blog about setting the importance of setting new habits. Whilst these are all very helpful, I would like to take things a step further and drill down a bit more into the HOW and WHY this […]