We commonly see many clients wanting to lose weight through our clinics. Here are some of our top tips for those wanting to shed the kilograms.

Top Tips to lose weight and keep it off:

  1. There are no (we repeat, NO) magic bullets: Time and time again we get asked by new clients if there are ways that they can quickly drop a bunch of weight. They want to trial or have trialled strategies such as fasting, or shakes OR have been compelled by marketing gimmicks which suggest supplements that will help blast fat.

    The truth is this: Anything that is hard is worth doing. And with weight loss it can be hard and you need to patient. Healthy weightloss is 0.5-1kg/week. Is it time to readjust your expectations of your envisioned weight loss journey?

  2. Work on behaviours that are sustainable: Deprivation never gets your anywhere in the end. Plus, its miserable. Yes, some sacrifices and self control will need to be instigated to make change, but you don’t have to be ALL or NOTHING about achieving your desired weightloss goals. Addressing and changing behaviours will ensure that once you lose the weight you want, you keep it off!

  3. Keep temptation out of the house (at least to begin): If you love chocolate and can’t help yourself or if the moment ice cream hits the freezer its a slippery slope, then don’t make it harder for yourself!

  4. Be accountable: Having a knowledgeable and accredited professional educate and guide you with an individualised approach. This will always get great results. Regular check in points every 2 weeks make you accountable and able to make small but overall cumulative changes over time which will get you to where you want to be.

  5. Accept failures and move on: By accepting and forgiving yourself for those speed bumps along the way, you can move on and through what you need to get back on track with your plan and progress.

    If one meal is rather indulgent and the wine flows a bit too easily it doesn’t mean your whole next week has to be a write off!