It’s the middle of Winter and you feel a little stuck in a rut. Comfort food has become regular and things have started to snowball. Fear not! Here we have some delicious solutions to kickstart your day back in a healthier direction.

5 Healthy Winter Breakfast Options Approved by a Dietitian

  1. Power porridge:

    This one is easy. Swap your boring oats for something a little more exotic. Dress them up instead with adding 2x tbsp of healthy including a combination of sunflower seeds/pepitas/shredded coconut/hemp seeds/linseed and almond meal. Make sure you use milk instead of water to up the protein content of the meal. Finish with a shake of cinnamon and a splash of kefir.

  2. Veggie frittata

    Our Lane Cove Dietitian Tatiana has got your sorted here. She has put up a tasty but nutritious recipe here packed full of veggies and some crumbled feta. You will be feeling full and content heading off to seize your day!

  3. Tofu scrambled eggs

    Add a twist to your regular scrambled eggs. Ditch the butter and add some silken tofu to add some extra protein and fibre. Option to serve with some grainy sourdough bread, smashed avocado and roasted cherry tomatoes.

  4. Sourdough fruit toast with ricotta and banana

    Many bakeries offer this type of bread or most supermarkets sell Bill’s bread which is a great option! Toast and then top with ricotta and freshly sliced banana.

  5. French toast topped with berry compote, yoghurt and honey

    An excellent option! Its also very easy to keep your berries frozen and then defrost ready to add as a topping

We hope you enjoy our suggestions 🙂