There are many unhelpful mindsets which can really limit weight loss success. We thought we would share some here in the case you are interested and they are applicable to you! After all, before progress there must be awareness.

5 Limiting Weightloss Mindsets

  1. All or nothing: “I’m going out tonight for Italian, that means I will smash a large pizza and as much beer/wine as I want. What the hell, throw in a 3 scoop gelato too.” Sound familiar? For many lies a belief that by completely letting go = happiness. Well for sure it can! But honestly, after the moment passes – how do you feel? (Sick/full/guilty/that was un-necessary/why?) and do those behaviours really match up with your health goals? Working on pulling the reigns back just a little can take little effort with big reward.

    >> Perhaps sharing a large pizza with salad, aiming to reduce your alcohol by 1/3 and sharing dessert with some forethought means you meet the moment with a more moderate approach, still enjoy your night out and see the kilos coming off as well. Win – win.

  2. I’ll start tomorrow (everyday): How many times does this happen?! “I’m a social person. I just have to wait until after my birthday, my best friends engagement, the family dinner, work drinks…” There will ALWAYS be something to enjoy 😊

    >> Start with small changes and shift that thought process. If your thoughts and attitude change NOW, progress starts NOW. Also, this doesn’t mean you have to live a life of deprivation. This is a lifestyle approach – you can still eat out, drink alcohol, have treats and celebrate special occasions whilst working on your health at the same time. Our clients do, regularly! We have taught them how.

  3. “I am X kind of person” **Insert word: Labelling yourself as something will only mean it manifests. If you are a self proclaimed chocoholic, you will eat lots of chocolate. If you “cant control your wine intake” you won’t control your wine intake.

    >> REDEFINE yourself. It is possible. This involves challenging your self beliefs, restructuring habits into healthier ones and perhaps some education.

  4. To lost weight, I MUST eat less: WRONG. Time and time again we see clients in clinic who have shaved their calorie intake down lower, lower and lower. This gets to the point where they have a) Compromised the metabolism causing physical and emotional stress on their body and/or b) Compromised nutritional adequacy as a result. The result? Negative health consequences ie. low energy/mood/motivation/nutrient deficiencies.

    >> Curious? Perhaps you need to book in for a consultation! Our Body Fusion dietitians have so much success in this area. You will be eating more, having a better quality of life AND losing weight.

  5. “I can’t eat that”: YES you can. Completely cutting foods you love out of your diet seems like a great idea, especially short term.. but it’s not that successful. Guaranteed at some stage, you will cave/revert and it’s not very sustainable.

    >> Learning how to balance the foods you love within your current lifestyle and diet is a much better solution.

They say the body achieves what the mind believes. Maybe it’s time to challenge your beliefs and work with a Dietitian?