Unfortunately, many of you will be back in lockdown if you live in certain regions of New South Wales. This is not the news many would have liked to hear; especially those that have been on track with their health and nutrition goals. However, despite the lockdown, consuming a healthy and nutritious diet remains critical in maintaining both your physical and mental health.

While it may be more difficult to stay on track, as it is easier to access the pantry which may be filled with less nutritious options; reach for your phone to order uber eats; or just eat out of boredom, there are several strategies that can be implemented to keep you on track during this lockdown.

Here are some top tips to stay on track with your nutrition while in lockdown

Control your environment

First, this will depend on what you purchase from the supermarket. If you purchase more processed foods (I.e. chips and biscuits) then it is more likely to end up in your kitchen. This can increase the accessibility of these foods, resulting in greater nibbling throughout the day of whilst watching the latest Covid-19 updates.

Therefore, to combat this issue, it’s is best to fill your kitchen with healthy options. Plan to fill your grocery trolley with healthy and nutritious options where possible. In addition, You may hide the more processed foods in a certain cupboard of the kitchen, or a place out of reach (I.e. top shelf of the pantry). Making access to these foods more difficult, will likely result in lower consumption.

Processed foods can still be consumed in moderation, and remember, it is okay to treat yourself once in a while with a nice row of Cadbury chocolate.

Manage emotional eating

Many of you may be stressed, bored or anxious as a result of the current lockdown. Unfortunately, feeling this way may cause emotional eating. Eating as a consequence of your negative or positive emotions may result in poor food choices and excessive food intake, despite not being physically hungry.

Accredited Dietitians @BodyFusion, suggest these following 3 tips to overcome emotional eating.

1. Identify your triggers and become aware

First, begin to think about why you want to consume a food and whether you are actually physically hungry. Being aware of your triggers can help you identify what is causing you to emotionally eat.

2. Slow down while eating  

Eating slower and enjoying each mouthful of food can help prevent overconsumption of foods. By slowing down in this way, you’ll find you appreciate each bite of food much more by appreciating the food with each of your senses.

3. Remove distractions

Eating in front of a TV or while holding your phone can result in mindless eating habits. Removing these distractions, and remaining present can also prevent mindless eating and result in better satisfaction and satiety.

Be aware of food delivery  

Food delivery services can be a convenient choice for many. However, the risk of choosing less healthy choices can increase. Always try to have a home cooked meal, this can even be a great social activity with other members of the family.

You can also try new recipes or even consider the healthier options in food-and-recipe box services (I.e. Dinner Ladies). If you do opt for UberEats, choose veggie filled meals, with a lean protein and wholegrain carbohydrates where possible.


As Accredited Dietitians at BodyFusion, we supported many individuals during the first Covid-19 lockdown and continue to do so. If you would like support on your nutrition and health journey throughout the lockdown, book in here with one of our Dietitians today.