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NEWSFLASH!!! Body Fusion and Summit Strength have decided to work even more closely together to help their clients reach new peaks.

Summit Strength is run by Rowan Smith, a charismatic personal trainer who’s main goal is to help his clients get strong and pain free so that they can conquer any adventure. Rowan facilitates his programming and consulting to amateur hikers all online, so you can access his services anywhere in the world!

Rowan believes that hikers and mountaineers deserve a specialised training service, not simply another cookie-cutter program which will fail them halfway up the mountain.

His methods are based upon years of experience applying and testing the Summit Success Method on real-life adventurers. Rowan, like Ashleigh and the Body Fusion team is also huge on evidence based education and the right support to help clients achieve their goals.

Enter Body Fusion and their adventurous dietitian Larissa Haithwaite. Larissa is providing Rowan’s clients with personalised dietary interventions to only enhance their training with Rowan and step closer to supporting their bucket list hikes. She will see Rowan’s clients 1-1 but also facilitate group QnA and interactive cooking workshops relevant to hiking nutrition.

Interested in working with Summit Strength and Rowan? Contact him here