According to a COVID-19 survey conducted by the CSIRO in June 2020, Almost 40% of Australian said they felt like they had gained weight during the COVID-19 restrictions.

With overweight/obesity linked to increased chance of chronic disease, inflammation and suppressed immunity this is concerning.

Our top solutions to losing weight gained during COVID :

1.     Reduce temptation in your home environment:

For those who had gained weight, they reported an increase in junk food intake. To state the obvious, when the food isn’t there, you just can’t eat it. Stacking your home pantry and fridge with nutritious foods and a variety of different options is a better way to go.

2.     Plan or diarise your work breaks:

When working from home, food consumption can be an easy distraction and product of boredom. Setting a phone alarm or dedicating proper morning, lunch and afternoon breaks draws a clear line of when it is and isn’t appropriate to eat and will stop you grazing all day.

3.     Manage stress:

We aren’t all superhero’s and its OK to admit you are struggling. Emotional eating is a consequence of seeking dopamine and serotonin rushes via food reward systems. Chocolate unfortunately won’t solve your problems (Although many will argue it does!), but a psychologist or stress management strategies might. 

4.     Continue to celebrate special events:

People’s top negative reported impact of COVID was its influence on special events. Yes its changed our lives, but perhaps we can become a little more savvy or problem solve other ways to celebrate. A birthday could still go ahead as a socially distanced picnic rather than a whole week of eating ice cream after dinner every night to compensate.

5.     Move:

Exercise moves and shifts energy. Having a hard day? You can’t tell me a swim in the ocean, a thirty minute run or a game of tennis won’t help you feel better. From our experience in clinic, when our clients feel good, they make better food choices. With 40-50% of people reporting more screen time during the pandemic, I would say this is very relevant.

6.     Get individualised nutrition advice:

If you need some help, Dietitian’s are always available to help guide you. Every human being is unique in their genetic makeup, physical activity levels, food preferences and lifestyle. If you need some structure or education without judgement – we get it.  A Dietitian can help you start to work on behaviours that support not only the loss of your COVID kg’s but also best health and longevity.

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Ash & Aimee