1 cooked chicken, broken apart and skin removed

2 cans coconut cream/milk (light)

1 stock cube

1 cup sultanas

1/2 cup Rosella Fruit Chutney

3 tsp. curry powder

1 punnet cherry tomatoes, chopped in half (Don’t cut them if you are feeling lazy)

250g sliced mushrooms


Turn on oven to heat up. Break apart the chicken and put in a baking tray. Add all other ingredients (mix a little but not much) and cover in foil. Bake 180 deg for 10mins. Pull out of oven and mix everything through. Check taste and add more of curry or chutney to taste if needed. Put back in oven covered and cook about another 10mins. Serve with rice. Not enough to cook rice or having a lazy night? Get some microwaveable rice and you’ll be done in 90 seconds!