Serves 4-5

Curry Ingredients

500g Chicken tenderloins

1 tbsp. olive oil for cooking

½ cup Kefir (I used Rokeby’s Natural Filmjolk)

500g sliced mushrooms

1x brown onion (diced)

1x 400g can of low sodium diced tomatoes

Small bottle of (Patak’s Tikka Masala Paste)


1.     In a shallow fry pan, add the olive oil and diced onion – cook until slightly browned

2.     Add the sliced chicken tenderloins and cook through until opaque

3.     Add the mushrooms to the chicken and then the paste and mix through

4.     Once the curry paste is cooked through, add the kefir or Greek yoghurt and diced tomatoes

5.     Finally, let this simmer on medium for 2-3-minutes and then turn off heat  

6.     Serve with the hot chickpea roti on the side!

Chickpea Roti Ingredients


1.     Pour water into a blender, then add the flour and salt (can add minced garlic or chives here too)

2.     Blend until mixed through

3.     Spray a shallow fry pan with oil – enough to coat the pan

4.     Pour mixture into the pan and move around into a circle shape

5.     Leave to cook through until holes appear and until there is no liquid left

6.     Flip to cook the other side

7.     Remove from the pan and continue until batch is complete – serve with the curry!


1.     High in Dietary Fibre

2.     Low Saturated Fat

3. High Quality Protein