Working extensively with many corporate clients and companies to educate and up skill in nutrition has proven to us that quick and easy meals can be a struggle. Before you hit that button for Uber Eats, check out some of our suggestions below.

Healthy balanced breakfast recipes

Breakfast smoothie:

300mL milk, frozen banana, 1xcup berries, ½ cup Greek yoghurt, 1xtsp cacao, tbsp of chia seeds, tbsp peanut butter, ice

Tip: Add all the ingredients to the blender the night before

Option: Add a shot of expresso. Trust me, it tastes amazing!

Peanut butter toast on grainy sourdough with a high protein yoghurt

Tip: Wrap your toast facing inwards to each other in aluminium foil. Buy the squeezie yoghurt options like Chobani Fit for less fuss. Lactose free? No worries, choose YoPro instead.

Healthy balanced lunch recipes

Rice, pre-packed salad & hot smoked salmon

Tip: Use ½ packet of re-heat able rice (~1 cup). My favourite is currently the Brown Rice and Buckwheat infused with Hainanese flavours. Coles and Woolies have many salad mix options like Kale Slaw, Coleslaw and leafy mixes.

Falafel wrap with tabouli and hummus

Tip: Buy some pre-made falafel (ie. Yumi’s) and use grainy wraps which are of a lower glycaemic index. This means they fill you up more and provide a steady stream of energy to the brain. If you can, why not leave all these ingredients in the fridge for the week at work?

Healthy and balanced dinner recipes

Frypan frittata

Tip: Use up all your veggies at the bottom of the fridge. Make sure to add some corn of sweet potato, as some carbohydrates at dinner can actually help with a good sleep J

Crispy red rice and lentil bake

Tip: You literally throw this all in to bake, walk away and 20 minutes later its done! You can access our recipe here: