Serves 4


·      Garlic infused olive oil

·      ¼ squeeze of lemon

·      1-2 tbsp Jamie Oliver Pesto – Chili Tomato OR regular

·      Bunch of asparagus, bottoms chopped off

·      Bunch of broccolini cut into thirds OR 300g baby spinach

·      Zucchini, chopped

·      400g chicken breast

·      ½ cup of green peas

·      Packet of Barilla Red Lentil pasta

·      Parmesan cheese

·      Pepper


1.  Put a kettle on to boil and prep water for pasta

2. Heat a little oil in a pan and then lightly cook vegetables, set aside

3. Put pasta on to cook as per instructions on the box

4. Thinly slice chicken and fry over medium heat for 3-4 minutes, set aside

6.  When pasta is cooked, drain and add back to the saucepan

7. Add in the chicken and vegetables as well and cook over medium heat

8. Add your pesto and a good squeeze of lemon

9. Serve with parmesan on top and some cracked pepper


High in fibre to fill you up, assist with digestion and keep you full

The lentil pasta has 2xprotein as regular pasta and 2xfibre as regular pasta, it is also high in iron (1 cup = 3 mg)

Vitamin C in the lemon helps with iron absorption