Stay Hydrated

Up to 70% of the human (adult) body weight is water. Maintaining hydration across the day, especially during this summer heat is crucial to prevent complications, including dehydration,constipation, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), fatigue, cramping, lack of concentration and performance across the day and or during exercise.

Achieving adequate hydration is important to: 


  • Help transport oxygen and nutrients to body cells, tissues and organs

  • Aid in digestion

  • Help to flush waste  

  • Maintain thermo-regulation (internal body temperature control)

  • Keep bowels regular 

  • Avoid overeating and misinterpreting hunger cues as thirst

  • Keep clear skin

Fluid intake is highly individualised, however according to the National Health and Medical Research Council NRV’s (Nutrition Reference Values), 1.5-2.0L (about 6-8 glasses) is recommended per day for the average adult and for pregnant women, a little more – 9-10 glasses. Having small amounts of water often across the day ensures you’re continually topping up and prevents fluid load on the body.

Setting a timer, having a glass before and or after each meal or carrying an insulated bottle with you everywhere can be a healthy way to remember! Sparkling water, fresh lemon, lime or mint can be great additions to “spicing it up”, or try the hot/cold infusions by Twining’s!

How do I know I am hydrated? A great indicator to keep track of your hydration status is the colour of your urine, aiming for a light yellow, clear colour. 

Happy Healthy Hydrating! Aimee & Ash 🙂