INFLAMMATION: A natural phenomenon that is linked irrevocably to many diseases, also proven

to contribute to ageing, slower recovery from exercise and joint health!


Don’t you think it’s about time we took a look at how food as medicine can REDUCE inflammation and consequently ENHANCE health? Longevity, quality of life and optimal exercise recovery here we come!

How inflammation harmfully affects your body:

Studies have proven chronic inflammation to impact negatively upon our precious hearts, many other vital organs like the liver, our joints, GI tract and even our muscles. For example a build up of fatty plaques (cholesterol) in our blood vessels can result in inflammation and along with other risk factors potentially lead to an increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

Nasty Causes of inflammation:

The causes of inflammation are wide spread and can be caused by our environment (ie. Toxins such as smoke), stress, being overweight or interestingly our FOOD. Additionally every time we exercise this results in inflammation, which impacts upon our recovery. It’s a natural process, but we don’t want it kicking into overdrive and increasing our muscle soreness or risk of injury.


Foods that cause inflammation:

Do you love a wine? So do I (!), most commonly a nice bold Shiraz with good company and conversation. But I will tell you what – alcohol is delicious experience that can result in inflammation. HEY HEY HEY I’m not saying cut it out completely.. but we have guidelines that support moderation and reduction is still a great achievement. Alcohol is only one of the pro-inflammatory foods, however another is too many processed meats and animal products. We also know that excessive red meat particularly can also be linked back to cancer risk, particular of the colorectal kind. Let’s get back to the plants people!

Time to have some hummus with my red wine 😉

Foods to fight inflammation:

We want to feel better, function better and look younger – right? So what can we do? Excellent question. Lets get eating anti-inflammatory foods and living long healthy lives with our families and friends! Don’t know where to start? Get back to basics: Bright coloured vegetables and fruits.



Naturally wonderful chemicals found in plant based foods, which reduce oxidation in the body (oxidation = inflammation); Pomegranate, tomatoes, garlic, green leafy vegetables (doesn’t just have to be kale party), berries, green tea and dark chocolate. Oh wait, did I just endorse chocolate?! I guess I did. Remember its the cacao/cocoa/carob which contains the antioxidants and chocolate is filled with many other fats and sugar, so portion sizes do still count!

Want to know more?

I don’t have more pages and pages to write! Come on in and see us at one of our clinics! Happy moderate wine drinking and portion sized dark chocolate consumption. And remember – food is medicine.

Ash and Aimee