Kids ate all the leftovers again? Or simply on the fly with back to back meetings. Maybe this is already just part of your daily routine. We get it! Below we’ve got some great choices.


1.     Healthy Salads

  • Choose a salad that is mostly non-starchy vegetables with a small amount of protein (e.g. lean chicken breast, tuna, hard boiled eggs or beans) and carbohydrates (e.g. quinoa, brown rice, beans, sweet potato, corn)

  • Choose vinaigrette-style dressings instead of creamy ones (i.e. balsamic vinegar)

  • Add healthy fat including nuts, seeds or ¼ avocado for an extra crunch or flavour


2.     Sandwich/Wraps


  • Choose whole grain bread or wraps (think soy and linseed, kibble rye)

  • Avoid butter, margarine and mayo, instead choose ¼ avocado or hummus 

  • Fill up your sandwich with lots of vegetables first, then add a small amount of lean protein (e.g. chicken, tofu, turkey breast, roast beef or 2x hard boiled eggs)

  • Avoid processed meats like ham, salami and bacon

  • A small amount of low fat cheese (2x slices) can add to your dairy serve 


3.     Japanese 

  • Some good options are vegetable-filled brown rice sushi rolls, sashimi, edamame beans, seaweed salad, bento box

  • Avoid deep fried/battered (tempura) fillings

  • Use minimal soy sauce as it’s packed with salt (sodium)

  • Add a miso – fun fact! It’s a probiotic and will boost the immunity in your gut!


4.     Mexican

  • Order a ‘naked’ burrito, i.e. a burrito without the tortilla

  • Avoid sour cream and cheese and ask for only a small portion of avocado on top

  • Be mindful of the amount of beans + rice they can add into the burrito bowls


Of-course there are many more options than that! But we know it’s probably time to finish your coffee break and get back to work 😉 


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