Back to back meetings or rushing to the end of the day realising you’ve skipped meals? Feel tired, unfocussed, stressed or hangry? Let us help you out. 

Five of our faves below!

YoPro or Chobani FIT yoghurt pouches: Both of these options contain a good whack of protein (~10-15g) which is going to keep your stomach from rumbling in meetings and contribute to maintaining healthy hormones and immunity. The easy squeeze pouches mean this snack was made for quick and convenient consumption. Goodbye to self conscious spoons, keep this one handy for back to back meetings!


30g nut mixes: Studies have shown that nuts help maintain a healthy weight and that crunchy textures provide feedback to the brain in terms of satiety (feeling full!). To nibble on a couple of these surreptitiously won’t be hard. Our pick? Roasted tamari almonds. Added benefit of fibre to support gut health and bacterial diversity!

Hommous and cracker packs: These are perfectly portioned to provide some glucose to keep your brain focussed. Hommous is also made up with tahini and olive oil, powerful unsaturated fats which influence memory and decision making. My favorite is the beetroot option. Fun fact: Beetroot has ALSO been scientifically linked to reducing blood pressure. Add some deep breaths to that beetroot and your stress and blood pressure will surely start to come down.

Grainy wrap filled with nut butter and cinnamon: Grainy products are usually sustaining in their release of carbs which level out blood sugar levels to keep mood steady. Cinnamon only enhances this action, whilst also providing antioxidants to combat inflammation in the body. Its easy to rip off parts of this snack periodically throughout your day and guess what? No refrigeration required!

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Home made mini frittatas: Make 12 on a Sunday and you’re set for the week! Saves the common dive for the banana bread at 3pm with a triple shot coffee. We’ve helped you out and have some recipes on our blog already. **insert link** These little guys are packed with immune boosting veggies, protein, some quality carbs (sweet potato/corn) and calcium. 

Now all you need to do is get organised. Or invite us in for a workshop 😉