Many of my clients tend to tell me that their problematic time with their eating comes in the afternoon. Although some of my other clients are just generally hungry, often they also arrive home from work stressed, tired or wanting to switch off from a busy day.  So what do they do? They reach for some food (sometimes wine!) to make themselves feel better and fill that void. This grazing can often lead to a lot of extra calories. It is also often mindless or a bad habit or association that has been gradually engrained into their busy lifestyle.

My top tips:

*Do not eat in the kitchen, standing up and browsing through the cupboards or fridge like a mouse smelling out cheese.

*Never eat out of open packets. Time and time again studies have proven that we are more likely to eat MORE out of big packets, containers or even from bigger plates, bowls and cups.

*Remove all temptation from the kitchen. If you have delicious looking pastry treats sitting on your bench you may as well give up to begin. Don’t make it hard for yourself at a time you are vulnerable!

*Eat a small piece of fruit upon leaving work so you don’t arrive home ravenous and ready to gulp down the first food that you see.

*Ask yourself as your moving onto that third biscuit, “Am I really hungry?” Or am I eating just because…

*Find an outlet for your tiredness or stress. Don’t justify overeating because of these reasons.

Smart snacks to fill the void

Snacks that are of a high nutritional content, particularly high in protein and fibre are going to be a great choice. Protein with fibre has proven to be one of the most satiating combinations.


Healthy fruit smoothie: e.g 1 cup low fat milk, 1 tbsp. low fat yoghurt, 2/3 cup raspberries, tsp. honey, 2 tsp. LSA mix, ice

1 mountain bread wrap with 50g ham/roast beef/turkey/egg with baby spinach and grated carrot/tomato

30g unsalted nuts & a piece of fruit

40g of cottage cheese on 2 multigrain corn thins with tomato and cracked pepper and a big cup of tea

200g low fat yoghurt with a piece of fruit & sprinkle of seeds (chia/sunflower/flax)

**Make sure you are hydrated. Often dehydration can be mistaken for hunger!**

There. Problem addressed!