So it comes January 1st and you’re trying hard to make your body look nice and fit into that sexy new summer bikini or squeeze into those stylish shorts which seem to have mysteriously “shrunk in the wash”. 

Want to prevent this happening to you during the silly season? 

With the end of the year quickly approaching, school, university or work begins to wrap up before the holidays with everyone preparing and beginning to celebrate the festive season. During this busy time the number of social events begins to double or triple (as do the glasses of wine!) and we quickly find our selves prioritising a catch-up with friends and family. Often our exercise routine and healthy eating habits go straight out the chimney and we’re left with a bit of a Santa belly come January.

Why is this a hard time to eat well?

We often mindlessly eat whilst having a yarn
We feel socially obliged to eat particular foods and drink
We simply eat and drink too much
We justify Christmas as an excuse to eat whatever we like!

Smart solutions

Be organised: Take a healthy plate of something to your Christmas party. Have a snack before you go so that you don’t turn up ravenously hungry and devour a plate of mince pies as soon as you arrive. Research restaurant menu options and make your healthy choice before you go, stick to this choice once there. Plan your exercise at the beginning of the week around social events and grab a friend to make it fun and keep you committed.

Be mindful: Put what is on your plate and don’t go back for seconds because your stomach is terrible at remembering how much food it has eaten. Eat slowly and savor your food. Focus on the wonderful flavours and texture.

You don’t have to people please: Don’t feel pressured, have as much as you want. After a couple of drinks no one will care (or realise). It only takes 2-3 mouthfuls to taste something so have a sliver of dessert or unhealthy options rather than a huge slice/amount.

Go easy on the alcohol: Alcohol is energy dense and contains a huge amount of calories. Start with a big glass of mineral water to hydrate and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or mineral water/soda. Don’t let someone refill your glass, as you will find it hard to count how many you have had. Offer to drive!