Corporate health

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Let’s be honest. In this day and age we are working longer and more stressful days. As a result our health is suffering. It doesn't have to be this way! All you need is some expert education and support, we are here to help boost your business. 

 Make your workplace more desirable for your employees by:

* Reducing sick days and workplace injuries

* Giving them practical tips to increase energy levels and improve mood

* Offering a nurturing environment for long term healthy habits

* Giving your employees a practical and engaging way to learn about work life balance and holistic health

Content includes information on:

* The latest diet/ exercise advice on increasing energy levels, regulating sleep patterns, improving   concentration and reducing stress and anxiety.

* Superfoods and nutrients specific to boosting your immune system

* Heart Health: Learn how identify your risk factors, know your numbers and how to change your lifestyle for a healthy heart.

* Effective nutrition and wellbeing strategies for weight management

* Sports Nutrition 

Ashleigh & Katrina are experts in their field who have 3 degrees including a Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics & First Class Honours between them. All workshops are interactive, include practical advice, take home booklets and provide a positive learning environment.

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