Corporate Wellbeing Services

Did you know?

  • 5 percent of the workplace calls in sick on any given day. The most common reason staff ask for sick days is illness including colds and flus, headaches and gastro, plus home and family responsibilities. 39% of businesses surveyed in 2014 stated absences were related to stress, anxiety or depression had increased in the past year.
  • 20% of Australians will experience a common mental health disorder in any 12 month period
  • The leading cause of death in Australia was ischaemic heart disease in 2016
  • 63 percent of Australians are obese (2016)
  • Preventing Chronic Disease: Key risk factors associated with chronic disease include poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, high body mass and high blood pressure. These are all MODIFIABLE risk factors

Why choose US for your Corporate Workshops?

Our Body Fusion team members whilst being professional and appropriate for a Corporate setting and also engaging, energetic and inspiring. We are big believers in the development of not only knowledge but also skills for practical application. Additionally, we think learning should be enjoyable - so we use many creative and innovative ways to connect with our audiences.

We also have varied experience:

  • Sports Dietitians as well as Accredited Practising Dietitians
  • Dietitian's with Degrees in Exercise and Sports Science, Physiology and Psychology
  • A past Personal Trainer and current Yoga Instructor
  • A team trained in business including sales, negotiation skills, assertive communication, problem solving and product development
  • Passionate food creators who regularly eat out and have to juggle busy schedules



Healthy cooking demonstrations:

Want to get hands on? Everyone loves a good cooking demonstration to learn top tips to healthy meals and snacks! We completely tailor this to your business needs and can package it together with some of our other workshops. 

Supermarket or food court tours:

We recognise that for some us our biggest barriers are being time poor, being surrounded by many tempting options and navigating the supermarket! This service is to help your staff get completely on top of this and be making best informed choices.

Health Assessments

Benefits of Corporate Nutrition:

* Reducing sick days and workplace injuries

* Increasing energy and mood

* Offering a nurturing environment for long term healthy habits

* Giving your employees a practical and engaging way to learn about work life balance and holistic health

Who we have worked with: