Ashleigh Brunner (Business Owner)



Bachelor of Science (Nutrition), Honours in Nutrition (First Class)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sports Science)

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Sports Dietitian

ISAK Accreditation (Skin Fold Testing)

Yoga Instructor (200 Hour, Vinyasa with Power Living Australia)

NSW High Performance Trampoline Squad Sports Dietitian

NSW Institute of Sport Dietitian - Rowing, Hockey, Canoe Sprint, Diving, Winter Sports

Ashleigh is an experienced Dietitian, Sports Dietitian, a qualified Yoga Instructor and the Business Owner of Body Fusion. Her inspiration to become a Dietitian stems from her desire to help clients discover how a balanced diet can prevent and treat chronic disease, promote longevity and positively influence energy and concentration levels. Ashleigh specialises in private practise consulting and believes in an individualised approach for her variety of different clients. 

One of Ashleigh's fields of interest and expertise includes Sports Nutrition. She was a competitive representative in netball, soccer, surf life saving and swimming, and she regularly enjoys ocean swimming and yoga.  Ashleigh has worked with the Brisbane Roar and Gold Coast United A League Football, the Australian Squash Team, Bulls Cricket, Junior Australian Golfers, Manly Sea Eagles, Manly Rugby Union, Carlile Swimming and many runners and triathletes, helping each team or athlete unlock their full potential through adequate hydration and nutrition. She is now a resident Dietitian happily working with the NSW Institute of Sport, supporting athletes leading into Tokyo 2020 and beyond!

Having trained formally in presenting, Ashleigh is a skilful and engaging speaker.  She lectured at the Fitness Institute of Australia and the Australian College of Physical Education and continues to offer up to date, trustworthy nutrition information to groups of all sizes & ages.  In the last few years Ashleigh has worked extensively with ballet, performing arts studios and gymnastics athletes across Sydney.  Her team specialises in this group's nutritional requirements, offering on-site presentations, workshops and individual consultations to optimise performance. Whilst diversifying the business more into the wellbeing space Body Fusion has also been designing and presenting a large amount of engaging and practical Corporate workshops to improve productivity and enjoyment of work in this population.

Ashleigh regularly writes for the media and local community, advocating balanced nutrition. She has contributed media articles on topics such as weight loss, healthy snacking, IBS, gluten intolerance, binge drinking and sports nutrition in local newspapers, magazines and online.

Being an ardent cook you'll often find Ashleigh in the kitchen during her spare time. She has a wealth of knowledge about food products and enjoys developing healthy menus for individuals and organisations. 

Aimee Boidin (Lead Dietitian, Lane Cove & Cremorne)



Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice (Bond University)

Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Food Science and Nutrition) (University of Western Sydney)

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Level 1 ISAK Accreditation (Skin Fold Testing)

Registered Personal Trainer (Australian College of Physical Education) (Fitness Australia)

Pilates Instructor (Studio Pilates) (Fitness Australia)

Meet Aimee, an Accredited Practising Dietitian committed to promoting realistic change for individuals. Aimee incorporates a tailored and integrative approach to nutrition, empowering clients to understand self-management strategies through combining practical skills such as her 4P’s - ‘Planning, Purchasing, Preparing and Personalising’ into her practice. Her goal is to work collaboratively with individuals to ensure they can confidently apply recommended dietary changes into their daily routine and lifestyle.  

Aimee has a rich sporting background having represented NSW and attended national training camps in Bendigo and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) for indoor and beach volleyball, exposing her to the importance of a well-fueled diet and sound nutrition principles, igniting her nutrition pathway. On completion of Aimee’s undergraduate degree, she worked passionately as a nutrition consultant and personal trainer consolidating interpersonal skills and nutritional knowledge where her hunger for medical nutrition therapy inspired her to study her Masters to become an APD.

Throughout Aimee’s experiences, she has developed a sound understanding in the nutritional management of oncology, mental health, diverticular disease, diabetes (Type 2 and Gestation) and management of team sports. However, Aimee has a growing passion for IBS/’gut’ health, especially as research builds around the unique relationship between the gut and brain. She believes it isn’t as simple as providing a blanket statement to everyone with gut issues, but scientifically identifying one’s link between their mind, body, diet and lifestyle.

Aimee’s values include taking a unique, sustainable and mindful approach to her practice. Holding close these values, she aspires to support individuals with their own nutrition goals, without restriction whilst encouraging a positive mindset around food. Aimee hopes to inspire individuals to be at the forefront of their mental and physical health through the translation of food science into practical everyday recommendations and advice. After all, everybody deserves a chance for change!

In combination with her love for different cuisines, baking, creating and modifying recipes and spending hours in the supermarket, Aimee enjoys jump rope, running, creating HIIT and pilates circuits. She is also an enthusiastic pilates instructor and personal trainer, understanding the importance of exercise in the journey to good health and longevity.